Nail Enhancements

Acrylic Nails (Solar Powder)

Full Set $40 +

Fill $30 +

White Tips

Full Set (with clear gel coating) $50 +

Fill (with clear gel coating) $40 +

Pink White Powder

Full Set $55 +

Back Fill with Gel $50 +

Pink Fill with Gel $40 +

Dipping Powder (SNS)

Full Set (SNS) $50 +

Gel Liquid

Full Set $55 +

Fill $50 +

*Shaping and Long Nails extra  


Classic Mani $17 

Reshape nails, trim cuticles, moisturizing hand massage, and polish of your choice.

Paraffin Mani $25 

Includes our Classic Mani PLUS hydrating paraffin treatment and EXTRA MASSAGE.

Gel Mani $30 

Includes our Classic Mani PLUS your choice of Long Lasting Gel Color. 

Collagen Mani $45 

Includes our Classic Mani PLUS scented sugar scrub exfoliant, a pair of collagen gloves, and finished with 10 MINUTE Hand and Shoulder Massage.

Dipping Mani (SNS) $40 +

Includes our Classic Mani PLUS Long-Lasting flawless color that protects and helps strengthen natural nails. Lasts up to 2 weeks.


Classic Pedi $27 

Luxurious whirlpool soak, toenails shaped, cuticle trim, heel scrub, moisturizing massage, hot stone rub, warm towel, and a polish of your choice.

Exfoliate Pedi (OPI) $39 

Includes our Classic Pedi PLUS Callus Removal and scented OPI sugar scrub exfoliant.

Organic Pedi $58 

 Includes our Exfoliant Pedi with Organic Products, using the BCL Spa 4-Step Treatment with your choice of ingredient flavor and 10 MINUTE MASSAGE.

Paraffin Pedi $45 

Includes our Exfoliate Pedi PLUS hydrating paraffin treatment and EXTRA MASSAGE. 

Milk & Honey Pedi $50 

Soak your feet in pure milk followed by our signature milk and honey sugar scrub PLUS moisturizing mint mask, milk & honey massage cream, and 10 MINUTE MASSAGE.

Collagen Pedi $55 

Includes our Exfoliant Pedi PLUS our collagen mask and 10 MINUTE MASSAGE. Collagen rejuvenates skin cells and promotes a firmer smoother appearance. Each soak is pre-loaded with collagen-rich emulsion, shea butter, and argan oil to moisturize the skin.

Jelly Pedi $70 

Includes our Paraffin Pedi in Aromatherapy jelly in our luxurious whirlpool PLUS a lavender or green tea leg mask wrapped with a warm towel and and 15 MINUTE Leg and Shoulder Massage. Aromatherapy jelly helps the water retain heat to relax tense muscles, nerves, and promotes circulation for the entire treatment.

Princess Mani/Pedi

(For Ages 3-10 Years Old)

Princess Mani $12 

Princess Pedi $20 

Color Change on Hand/Toes $6 / $8

Additional Services

OPI Sugar Scrub $8 

Callus Removal $8 

OPI Leg Mask $8 

Paraffin Mask $8 

Collagen Mask $10 

Jelly Bath Soak $8 

*Long Lasting Gel Polish with any Pedi $20 

*Long Lasting Gel Polish without Pedi $25 

*Extra Massage (10 mins) $12 

Spa Pedicure

Special Oxygen Pedicure  

Give Your Feet A Breather

O2 Includes:

Bubbly Soak | 100% Sugar Scrub | Bubbly Mud | Massage Butter

- Raspberry Sorbet

- Mint Mimosa

- Caffè Macchiato.


Ultimate Spa Pedicure  

Don't Have To Be Royal To Get The Royal Treatment

6 Steps Includes

Natural Sea Salt Soak | 100% Sugar Scrub | Mud Masque | Callus Softener | Massage Cream | Moisturizer.

- Milk & Honey

- Aloe Aloe

Deluxe Spa Pedicure  

Indulge A Pure Pleasure Spa Pedicure

4 Steps Includes:

Natural Sea Salt Soak | 100 % Sugar Scrub | Mud Masque | Massage Cream.

- Charcoal Powder Detox

- Mango Delight

- Tangerine Twist

- Cucumber Fresh

- Vitamin Recharge

- Jasmine Soothe

- Lavender Relieve

- Olive Sensation

- Lemon Quench

- Green Tea Detox

- Ocean Refresh.

Spa Pedicure  

Enjoy A Flawless Quick Spa Pedicure

3 Steps Includes:

Natural Sea Salt Soak | 100% Sugar Scrub | Massage Cream

- Lavender Relieve

- Vitamin Recharge

- Lemon Quench

- Green Tea.