Nail Enhancements

Acrylic Nails (Solar Powder)

Full Set




White Tips

Full Set (with clear gel coating)


Fill (with clear gel coating)


Pink White Powder

Full Set


Back Fill with Gel


Pink Fill with Gel


Dipping Powder (SNS)

Full Set


Gel Liquid

Full Set




*Shaping and Long Nails extra



Classic Mani


REFRESHING - Reshape nails, cuticle trim, fresh buff, moisturizing hand massage, nail strengthener, finish with your favorite polish.

Paraffin Mani


SOOTH & HEAL DRY HANDS - enjoy everything from our Classic Mani plus hydrating paraffin treatment to seal in moisture, followed with a stress relief shoulder massage.

Gel Mani


EXTENDED PLAY - An extension of Classic Mani plus your choice of Long Lasting Gel Color


Standard Pedi


Includes clean cuticles and toenails, heel scrub, lotion, warm towel wrap & finish it off by the color of your choice.

Exfoliate Pedi


SIT BACK AND RELAX - Enjoy all services of our Classic Pedi plus callus removal and exfoliating, smoothing OPI sugar scrub

Pamper Pedi


Includes standard pedicure, complimentary callus treatment plus green tea OPI leg mask, hot stone rub and ADDITIONAL 10 MINUTES MASSAGE.

Milk & Honey Pedi


INDULGE YOURSELF - Pamper your feet by soaking them in fresh, pure milk & honey followed up with a Paraffin Pedi using Cuccio brand sugar scrub and milk & honey enriched moisturizing cream, OPI minty leg mask wrapped in a warm towel, and finish with a relaxing shoulder massage

VIP Pedi


Includes milk and honey pedicure plus special paraffin wrap to more moisturizing and helps joints pain. It comes with 15 MINUTES MASSAGE.

Jelly Pedi


Includes vip pedicure plus aromatherapy and heat to your foot soak with our scented jelly beads. It comes with 15 MINUTES LEG & SPECIAL SHOULDER MASSAGE

Princess Mani/Pedi

(For Ages 3-11 Years Old)

Princess Mani


Princess Pedi


Color Change on Hand/Toes


Additional Services

Gel Clear Coating


Gel Color Over Artificial Nails


Gel Color with any Pedi


Gel Polish (Hands/Toes)


Gel Polish Change (Hands/Toes)


Buff Shine


Nails Take-Off Only


Nails Take-Off with Services


Polish Change on Hands/Toes


French Change on Hands/Toes


Additional Treatments

Callus Remover


OPI Sugar Scrub


OPI Leg Mask


Paraffin Mask


Collagen Mask


Jelly Bath Soak


Extra Massage (10 Mins)





Upper Lips






Full Face




Half Arms


Full Arms


Half Legs


Full Legs